Anyone who's been looking for slim fit shirts understands how difficult it is to find ones which are both comfortable and fashionable. Until now, the only alternative to cookie cutter designs has been to spend hundreds of dollars on a custom made slim fit dress shirt, that is until Paskal Lamour came along.


Finding himself in the exact same position, Paskal set out with his friends and girlfriend to create the most affordable custom slim fit shirt that New York City has ever seen. Everything about the shirt focuses on quality, from the Egyptian cotton construction to the hand sewn detailing and the European style. The Paskal Lamour slim fit dress shirts bring features that most boutique brands would envy to the consumer market.


Yet these shirts aren't found in overpriced boutiques, further separating a Paskal Lamour from the forest of lesser quality slim fit shirts. Not only that, these slim fit shirts can be custom sized in person in at their shop in NYC or by email, using the size guide on their website as a base.


Going out with friends but don't have time to change from work attire? Unlike many shirts offered by competitors, a Paskal Lamour is designed not only with comfort in mind but for day and evening wear; with conservative styling and bold accents hidden just under the sleeves and center line, these slim fit shirts do double duty, day and night.


If you're tired of hunting for that slim fit dress shirt that has a great, comfortable fit, remains conservative at work and can be laid back enough for a casual night out on the town, Paskal Lamour's shirts can deliver that and more at a price that won't break the bank.